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The main focus of the DJ-gigs is on commercial electronic music. It covers genres like House (Deep House, Progressive House, Future House), Bounce, Trance, EDM, HandsUp, Electro and even Hardstyle. Most of the tracks are actual, but famous classic charthits in a modern style of the last four decades will also be a part of the shows.

Carlzon Club

"Carlzon Club" is the radioshow of Carlzon, which will be broadcasted every two weeks at the local german radio station Kiel FM at 10 p.m. saturday evening. In this show you can hear the hottest tracks of actual electronic music in the mix and it is filled with interviews from time to time.


Carlzon is actually the DJ coach & mentor for the following artists:  Ringit, InPhiNitely Passion, Xsusha, Waterkant Beatz, Jonny CoretexJunisonRoyal_Lama  JasminAurora, Hasis Welt, Jutta,


Actual sample packs:

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